Meet the OMG Team

Oklahoma Mortgage Group (OMG) is the #1 Mortgage Lending Team in Tulsa. We pride ourselves on efficiency & proactive communication. Because every loan is different, our team is built to consider every client scenario that comes across our desk with extraordinary attention to detail. Our mission is to always find a path to “yes”, no matter the situation. And we close on time, every time. 


Our Pre-Approval Specialists help our homebuyers start their journey on the right foot. They’re your go-to for any questions about your mortgage application or pre-approval process.

As you go through your home loan process, one of our amazing loan partners will be your point person for questions. They will manage all aspects of communication with our clients and business partners, ensuring that everything moves along as planned — from application to closing. They will ensure that we get you to the closing table on time and will tackle any last-minute issues that might arise with a loan. And remember, Mike’s always around, too. Just a phone call or text away for anything you need. Think of him as your home loan lifeline!

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Mike David

Producing Branch Manager

NMLS #1619714

As the Producing Branch Manager of the Oklahoma Mortgage Group (OMG), Mike David is on a mission to provide outstanding mortgage solutions in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With years of dedicated service in the mortgage industry, Mike has carved a niche for himself as a trusted Tulsa mortgage lender, known for his exceptional ability to deliver customized home loan experiences that perfectly fit the unique needs of each client.
Mike’s philosophy is: “Leave everyone you meet better than you found them.” This guiding principle is not only woven into the fabric of our professional dealings but also shines brightly in his personal life. Residing in Bixby with his loving wife and four wonderful children, Mike is deeply involved in enriching their lives and the community at large. Whether it’s cheering from the sidelines at lacrosse matches and soccer games or supporting them at Bixby Band events. Mike’s dedication is unwavering.
At Oklahoma Mortgage Group, Mike leads a team of loan partners who share his vision of problem-solving and personalized service. Known for navigating even the most challenging credit situations, Mike and his team specialize in finding the path to ‘yes’ for every client, ensuring timely closings with highly competitive rates.
Choosing Mike David and the Oklahoma Mortgage Group for your mortgage needs in Tulsa means more than just securing a loan. It means becoming part of a community where everyone’s best interest is at heart, each transaction is an opportunity to enhance lives, and every client is treated like family.

Roberto Arellanes

Lead Loan Partner I | Se hablo español
NMLS #1025338

As a bilingual member of the Oklahoma Mortgage Group (OMG), Roberto assists new clients through the application process and gets them pre-approved to purchase their new home. Roberto is an expert in credit repair. At the OMG, we pride ourselves on never telling a client “no” when their credit is less-than-perfect. Roberto can help clients with a credit game plan and give them the steps to ensure that not only can they purchase or refinance their homes, but they get the best possible loan program for their unique situation.

With a decade of experience in the financial industry, Roberto knows what it takes to provide a seamless, streamlined mortgage lending experience. His customer service skills are second-to-none and he is bilingual, allowing him to serve more homebuyers in the greater Tulsa area. At the end of the day, what Roberto loves most about his job is the ability to help families get into their new homes.

When he’s not in the office, Roberto enjoys spending time with his family – playing video games, soccer, you name it. He is also an avid supporter of his local school district in Bixby, Oklahoma.

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BJ Brown

Producing Loan Partner I

NMLS #1417092

Call or Text: 918-309-3241

As a member of the Oklahoma Mortgage Group (OMG), BJ guides clients through the home purchase application process, from initial consultation to securing pre-approval. With a degree in accounting from NSU and a background in the mortgage industry since 2015, BJ brings extensive knowledge and experience to the team. His expertise is evident in his impressive track record, having played a key role in a top-producing team that earned the title of top REI lender for five consecutive years. NMLS certified since 2021, BJ is also well-versed in various down payment assistance programs like OHFA, REI, Housing Partners of Tulsa, and the North Tulsa Forward initiative.


When not at work, you’ll find BJ enjoying the great outdoors – hunting, fishing, or golfing. He’s a big sports fan too (even if it’s more watching than playing these days!). Above all, BJ is a family man. With a heritage that includes a great grandmother with 22 children, it’s no surprise family is central to his life! BJ’s ongoing contributions to OMG showcase his commitment to helping our clients and his dedication to the team. Schedule a chat with BJ.

Katie Bonifassi

Producing Loan Partner

NMLS #2592640

Call or Text: 918-309-3241

As a member of the Oklahoma Mortgage Group (OMG), Katie guides clients through the home purchase application process, from initial consultation to securing pre-approval. Her unique blend of skills and experiences enriches our team’s ability to serve our clients with precision, empathy, and unparalleled service.


Katie brings a distinguished background to OMG, including her expertise as a Level One Sommelier and her experience in providing exceptional service at high-end dining establishments such as Nobu, Malibu. Her ability to exceed expectations and deliver tailored customer experiences translates seamlessly into her role within our mortgage group.


Katie’s dedication extends beyond her professional life, where her discipline as a ballerina for seventeen years and her strategic prowess as a Tetris champion underscore her commitment to excellence, balance, and strategic thinking. These qualities, combined with her love for reading and her role as a devoted mom to Bryson, form the compassionate and multifaceted approach she brings to every client interaction, making each one feel understood and valued.


Katie’s commitment to her work is unwavering, as she tirelessly helps clients navigate the complexities of the mortgage process with ease and confidence. Her approach is rooted in a deep-seated desire to make a meaningful impact—helping families achieve their homeownership dreams and actively contributing to the community. Katie’s vision is crystal clear: to leverage her skills and passion to support others in reaching their goals, fostering a positive and supportive environment for all.

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Kim Atzbach

Loan Partner III

NMLS #1492475

As a member of the Oklahoma Mortgage Group (OMG), Kim’s job is to take each file from contract to processing, and to do so with an exceptional level of service. Kim is committed to providing our clients with positivity, cooperation, and detailed communication. She takes pride in the attention to detail, and believes that those details help ensure a successful closing. The OMG team understands that there are multiple lending options available for the consumer. You won’t be disappointed in the overall experience you receive with the Oklahoma Mortgage Group.

Kim began her career in the real estate industry in 2003 and started originating mortgages in 2016. She joined Team OMG in October of 2019. Kim is a Tulsa native and a graduate of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. She has one son that attends Jenks Public Schools. In her spare time, Kim enjoys spending time with family and being outside, mostly in her flower beds and garden. She is a fan of most sports, especially OSU wrestling. Go Pokes!

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Ronda Perkins

Loan Processor

NMLS #1833800

As a member of Team OMG, Ronda’s primary responsibility is to ensure the smooth and efficient processing of mortgage applications from contract to close.  With an impressive track record spanning over four decades in the mortgage industry, Ronda Perkins is a seasoned professional and a key asset to our Oklahoma Mortgage Group team. She meticulously reviews and verifies all necessary documentation. Ronda’s thorough approach ensures that each application meets the stringent requirements set forth by lenders and regulatory bodies, thereby ensuring an on-time closing every time.


With her extensive experience in the industry, Ronda has developed a detailed understanding of the complex and ever-evolving mortgage landscape. She stays up to date with the latest regulations, industry trends, and lender guidelines to provide clients with accurate and reliable information throughout the mortgage process.


When working with Ronda, clients can expect unparalleled professionalism, unwavering dedication, and exceptional attention to detail. Her commitment to delivering outstanding customer service is evident in her proactive communication and her ability to anticipate and address potential challenges before they arise. Ronda’s goal is to make the mortgage process as seamless and stress-free as possible, allowing clients to focus on their dreams of homeownership.


Ronda says what she loves most about her career is the inherent variety it brings. With each mortgage file being unique, she appreciates the constant challenge and the opportunity to problem-solve and find tailored solutions for each client’s specific circumstances. Additionally, Ronda cherishes the interactions with customers, as it allows her to forge meaningful connections and guide them through the complex mortgage process with care and expertise. After an impressive 40-year career, her unwavering passion for the role is evident, as she has never once considered exploring other professional avenues.

Jessica David

Marketing & Team Coordinator

NMLS #2038186

As a member of the Oklahoma Mortgage Group (OMG), Jessica manages everything sales, marketing, events, and team scheduling. She has spent her entire career life in sales and marketing and is happy to bring her expertise to the team. She is a busy mom of 4 kids, all of which attend Bixby Public Schools, and they are super active in lacrosse, flag football, and the Bixby Marching Band program. Jessica is also an avid runner and has run 4 marathons and over 20 half-marathons. Jessica would be happy to help if you are wanting to work with team OMG on an event or marketing opportunity!

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