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We make the mortgage lending process smooth sailing for everyone — from our customers to our valued builders and contractors. We’re here to support you through the entire construction journey.


Why Partner with Us?

Minimal Down Payment: Less upfront, more up-and-building.
One-Time-Close Construction Loan: Streamline your project with a loan that transitions from construction to mortgage seamlessly. Perfect for builders looking to simplify financing and focus on the build.
Solid Timelines: Reliable schedules mean no guessing games.
Swift Approval: We keep the paperwork light and the progress fast.
Financial Stability: Robust backing to keep the project moving.
Adaptable Draws: Flexible funding that fits your workflow.
Embrace efficiency and financial savvy with our builder-friendly solutions, including the game-changing one-time-close construction loan. Let’s build great things together.

Why Work With Us?

Our Single Loan Close Construction Program allows your clients to build their home with as little as 5% down — and lot equity may be used. Other lenders typically require 20-25% down. 

One loan can cover the cost of the land, the construction process, and the permanent financing. This is achieved in a single closing, which means no re-qualification or extra paperwork in most cases. Plus, your clients simply pay interest-only payments on the outstanding loan balance during construction.

We work with you to implement a solid timeline to help the client rest easy, and you, the builder, stay on track.

We provide contract approval in 30 days on average. 

There’s no need to worry about financing falling through. Although we operate like an independent mortgage banker, we are owned by a bank with billions of dollars in assets, which means we offer the financial security you need to get your job done without a hitch.

Our draw process is flexible for your convenience. Everything is streamlined and automated, and funds are wired directly to your account in 3-5 business days. Plus, you can request draws as needed without having to meet any set completion points.

Realtor Resources

Why Partner with OMG for Your Tulsa Real Estate Needs?

At Oklahoma Mortgage Group (OMG), we’re more than just Tulsa’s top mortgage lender; we’re your partners in success. Here’s why savvy realtors choose us:
Local Expertise: Our team knows Tulsa inside out, ensuring lending solutions that are perfectly tailored to our local market.
Tulsa’s #1 Mortgage Lender: Leading the pack with dedication, we’re recognized for our unparalleled service and expertise.
Efficient & Proactive Communication: We keep you in the loop, making sure you’re always updated and your transactions are smooth.
Finding the Path to “Yes”: Our team excels at navigating challenges to secure approvals, making sure your clients’ dreams don’t hit snags.
Closing On Time, Every Time: Reliability is key in real estate, and our record of timely closings ensures your transactions wrap up without a hitch.
Unmatched Customer Satisfaction: We pride ourselves on leaving every client happy, reflected in our status as Tulsa’s most highly rated lender.

Tools for Success

Empower Your Listings & Sales with Our Custom Tools

Dive into a treasure trove of resources designed to elevate your game. Let us know if you’d like any of our flyers co-branded with your information:

Buyer & Seller Guides:

Comprehensive guides to navigate the buying and selling process with ease.

Marketing Flyers & Open House Flyers:

Professionally designed flyers we can customize and print, perfect for open houses and client meetings. Contact Jessica to have your open house or brokers’ open flyers created today!

Mortgage Calculators & Mortgage Rate Watch:

Help your clients make informed decisions with our suite of online calculators and digital tools.

Supporting You & Your Clients

At OMG, we’re committed to providing both you and your clients with tools that not only simplify the mortgage process but also enhance the overall buying and selling experience. From start to finish, count on us to bring value, expertise, and a smooth path to closing.
Let’s join forces to make Tulsa home buying and selling a breeze. With OMG, you’re not just closing deals; you’re creating happy homeowners.