Real-Life Success with Our One-Time Close Construction Loan!

Real-Life Success with Our One-Time Close Construction Loan!

Hey Tulsa!

It’s Mike David here, your trusted expert in Tulsa home loans and mortgages. Today, I’m beyond excited to share a success story that perfectly illustrates the magic of our unique home loan solutions here in Oklahoma.

A Tulsa Home Loans Success Story That Will Wow You

You’ve probably heard me sing praises about our One-Time Close Construction Loan. But let me share a real-life scenario that showcases why we’re leading the pack in Tulsa mortgage options.

Picture this: Our client opted for our 12-month long-term rate lock under this fantastic program. They embarked on their home-building journey in Tulsa, watching their dream unfold without the anxiety of unpredictable interest rates. Fast forward a year, and their beautiful home is ready. Now, it’s time to transition to a 30-year fixed mortgage.

The Unexpected Yet Welcome Twist

Here’s where the story takes a delightful turn. As we neared the end of the construction phase, we discovered that the interest rates had taken a dip from when we first locked in. Our client was initially set for a rate of 7.75%, but we had a surprise in store. We were able to lower their rate to 6.75% – a whole percentage point drop! This wasn’t a result of them asking or jumping through hoops; we took the initiative. This proactive step means they’ll be saving substantially on their home loan in Oklahoma.

Why This Story Is More Than Just a Story

This isn’t just a tale of luck or a one-time wonder. It’s a shining example of the strength and reliability of our Tulsa home loans program. It demonstrates our commitment to monitoring the market and seeking opportunities to benefit our clients.

The Power of Our Program

Our One-Time Close Construction Loan isn’t just about building homes; it’s about building futures and financial stability:

  • Extended Rate Lock with Float Down Feature: A feature that’s not just a safety net, but a potential financial boon.
  • Efficient Draw Process: Ensuring seamless construction for your Tulsa home.
  • Interest-Only Payments During Construction: Easing the burden when you’re balancing construction and financial responsibilities.

Join the Ranks of Happy Homeowners in Tulsa

To those in Tulsa and across Oklahoma dreaming of the perfect home, the time is now. With proven success stories, a program designed to maximize benefits, and a dedicated team always on the lookout for your best interests, your path to homeownership is clear.

Don’t wait for the elusive perfect market conditions. With Tulsa home loans and mortgage options like ours, you’re set for success.

Let’s bring your home dreams to life in Tulsa. We’re not just building houses; we’re building dreams, one home loan at a time.

Contact me today – click the contact link box below. Or click here to schedule a phone chat with me now to discuss your best next steps!

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